5 Simple Tips to help you Survive the Thanksgiving Drive

Thanksgiving. It’s a time of year where families happily come together and express their gratitude for the world and the loved ones around them. Alright, who are we kidding – Thanksgiving is stressful. All the preparation for one meal, getting the family together, and making sure you don’t give the whole family food poisoning can be a real struggle. Toss in the stress of driving through the crowded highways, and you’ve got a migraine.

That’s why we’re here with 5 easy-to-follow tips that’ll make your trip easier than saying yes to that second slice of pie.

1. Respect the Speed Limits

You’ve been stuck behind this loaded down mini-van for 8 miles of stop-and-go traffic. You see the jam starting to break up, and you want nothing more than to make up for lost time. Don’t chance it. Getting pulled over is only going to tack more time onto your journey, and a ticket is a sure-fire way to over salt your country ham. In the words of parents everywhere, “we’ll get there when we get there.”

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2. Bring a Podcast or a Book on Tape

Listening to music is great, but on a long trip we find listening to a book on tape or podcast is incredibly relaxing. Did someone just cut you off? Don’t sweat it, let the polished prose of Earnest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, or Douglas Adams soothe your indignation. Not into literature? There’s surely a podcast our there for you. We recommend Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, or if you’re feeling adventurous, the Mystery Show.

3. Prep Now, Cook Later

Holding hot food in the car is not only uncomfortable, it can be downright dangerous. If you’ve signed up to bring a certain dish, we suggest prepping it at home and cooking it at your destination. Of course, you’ll want to check with the dedicated kitchen-master and see if this is permissible.

4. Charge All Devices/Bring Chargers

This is a biggie if you’re traveling with youngsters. While we don’t love the solution of shoving screens in front of kids to quiet them down, it does have its merits on long car rides. Don’t forget to charge, or bring chargers for the ride! You’ll definitely want them if the traffic get too hectic. Just remember, if you’re driving, there’s no safe time to use your telephone.

5. Plan an Alternate Route

Navigating while on the road gives a whole new meaning to the word cartographer. But being the navigator is an important job, and planning an alternate route could save you time and Advil. Consult a map and find a different road to take if your original route is too crowded. Just remember to double check your new direction – nothing causes more stress than going the wrong way or missing your turn.

And finally, remember that driving defensively and taking your time may not get you there the fastest, but it is safer and more relaxing. Follow our tips above and we’re sure you’ll have a safe, successful, and serene thanksgiving drive. Happy holidays!

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