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News Roundup of the Very Best of Honda

In our weekly tasks of finding relevant information for the Honda brand, we can encounter a dearth or inundation of articles and press releases – the proverbial “feast or famine.” This week offered a smorgasbord of updates from different sources praising the work of Honda’s engineers. The assemblage of these articles creates a more comprehensive […]

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Traffic in These Cities Make You Feel Grateful

The Triangle is a growing metropolitan area as scores of young professionals move here from all across the nation. Technology and marketing companies, like Citrix and Redhat, are changing the composition of the local industries. Raleigh, and the surrounding areas, as a result, have been placed on Forbes’ list of the fastest growing cities for […]

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It’s Time to Get (a) Fit with the Honda Fit Challenge

The automotive industry has a well-established reputation for innovative marketing campaigns. Like a group of adolescent boys trying to impress the lead cheerleader, brands compete to engage consumers for the dual purpose of entertaining and informing. Some of these marketing efforts gain traction among their targeted audiences – others are not quite so fortunate. Honda […]

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