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Tire Awareness Throughout October

If you haven’t noticed since it went by so quickly, the summer season came to an end. Though we have the fortune of living in North Carolina, with its traditionally mild Fall, it is also a time of year with much precipitation and a progression into winter that comes on leisurely — and often leads […]

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Missed Sparkcon? Shame on You!

Fact: We seek ways to feel proud about the cities in which our families and friends live. Whether our fellow urbanites celebrate local sports teams, cultural districts, festivals, et cetera, there exists some championed qualities that cultivate an identity. A metropolis like New York City or Chicago already has an identity based upon its rich […]

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Hip Happenings in the World of Honda

Honda has been relatively quiet lately, which is surprising for a company with as many divisions as it has. It sometimes feels as though we would require a dozen writers to keep up with all of the press releases. Today, we would best spend our time on a mini-roundup of the (insert dramatic voice) World […]

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