11 Fun Things To Do in Aberdeen, Pinehurst and Southern Pines

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Take advantage of our handy guide to the Pinehurst, Aberdeen, and Southern Pines region. There’s plenty to do after you’ve picked up your new car and have the itch to do some driving. Plan your trip today!

  1. Spring and Azaleas Blooming

When did you last step out of your comfort zone and into a new area of North Carolina? Springtime in the mini-Triangle is just gorgeous thanks to light breezes, moderate temperatures, and abundant blooming azaleas.

  1. Southern Pines Brewing

Man of Law. Plowman’s Folly. Duck Hook. If these aren’t enough to pique your curiosity, you might want to reconsider your devotion to beer. You can visit the brewing center, try a few of their favorites, and still be on your way. Or you could, you know, come back later that evening.

  1. Cactus Creek Coffee Roasters

When you’re retired U.S. Army Special Forces, you don’t want to spend the rest of your life drinking subpar coffee. Founder Mike Birky constantly searches for new beans, flavors, and fresh roasting right here in Aberdeen. You can get Starbucks anywhere—this is something special.

  1. Lunch at Elliots on Linden

Now that you’ve had a coffee and a beer, it’s time for lunch, right? Skip Yelp and head over to this farm-to-table masterpiece. Carnita salad, Waffle & Fried Shrimp, Rabbit Sausage and Grits, Fresh Fish Tacos, and a Short Rib Burger. Whatever you’re jonesing for, Elliots is the place to be.

  1. The Pinehurst Resort

If you’re into golfing, you already know about the resort. The center of Pinehurst has seen Jack Nicklaus and Payne Stewart play, and is one of the oldest resorts for golf in the country. With a range of restaurants, hotels, and courses, this is heaven. 

  1. Cabin Branch Tack Shop

Southern Pines is known for its equestrian stables and facilities, and if you’re a participant or fan, the Tack Shop is a terrific resource for gear. Open since 1954, you can find craftsmen in saddle and leather repairs who might know a story or two about the area.

  1. Sunrise Theater

Every town needs an indie theater to give couples a place to escape the heat and offer unique films that aren’t playing at the local megaplex. If you need a breather, cultural experience, or two-hour nap, the Sunrise is worth popping your head into.

  1. Dinner at Ashten’s

If you’re not ready for dinner yet, you should at least call ahead to make sure you get a table near the window. By partnering with local farms for ingredients, cultivating a deep wine selection, and opening a pub for broader appeal, Ashten’s is a good place to find when the sun is going down.

  1. Sandhills Horticultural Gardens

You can push this one to Sunday in case you don’t have time for it on your first day. Its nearly two dozen themed gardens are the reason this is a popular wedding location. Who doesn’t love to be surrounded by flowers on their special day? Make it your own with a quick tour.

  1. Aberdeen Lake Park

Fishing, boating, picnicking, and a special playground centered on trains create the ultimate fallback if you have kids with energy, and a launching pad if you love to be on the water with a drink in your hand. 

  1. Weymouth Woods-Sandhills Nature Preserve

There’s a reason “pines” comes up so frequently in the area. The nature preserve harbors woodpeckers, tree frogs, fox squirrels, and host of other birds, flowers, and ecological wildlife that’s lived in the area long before the breweries and restaurants.

Now that you have some ideas of things to do when you visit, put a plan together and mark a day on your calendar. We’d love to see you explore this gem in North Carolina!

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