Why You Need to Wax and Wash Your Car During the Winter

Have you ever heard the saying, “prevention is the best medicine?” If you have, you know that the phrase is used to convey the idea: don’t wait until you’re sick to start getting better. That’s a powerful idea, and one that can be applied in many areas. In this case, we’ll apply that same basic principle to taking care of our cars.

The Cold Front

Believe it or not, winter is coming. The Farmer’s Almanac reports that while we’ve had a relatively mild winter so far, it won’t be long before it starts to get cold – real cold. For North Carolina, the report also states that we’re in for more precipitation than normal, which should mean more snow.

For all of our advances in technology and science, humans still have some trouble when it comes to mixing cars and snow. The methods we do have, while helpful and necessary, come with a few drawbacks. Take for example: Salt Trucks.

So Salty

Here in North Carolina, we salt the roads the minute a snowflake hits the ground, and if you’ve ever driven behind a salt truck, you know exactly what those things do to your car. That white coating you see on vehicles is a tale-tell sign that it has been snowing, and the longer it’s there, the worse the damage.

The salt, if not removed, can eat away at your clear coat (a layer of protective clear paint), exposing your base paint to the elements. Mix that with the dirt, pebbles, and slush combo that you get after each snow storm, and you’ve got a recipe for scratched and faded paint.

wax your car during winter

So, What Can YOU do?

Wax. Wax your car like a civilized human being. It’ll keep that clear coat strong throughout the winter, and keep the paint underneath from scratching and fading. Why do this? Because if you ever want to sell that fine piece of machinery you call a car, the exterior condition is important!

wax your car during the winter

If you can’t wax, your best bet is to wash your car as often as you can. This may mean heading into the self-serve car wash to spray all that salt off, or using a trusted automatic car wash. Those are usually strong enough to remove the salt and dirt that gets packed into snow. We don’t recommend hand-washing in the dead of winter.

You can also bring your car by the Leith Honda Aberdeen Service Center to have it detailed by a real professional. They can wash, buff, and wax your car to perfection this holiday season. Come visit today before winter is upon us.

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