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Honda Approves Production of the Chic S660

It has been a while since Honda last produced a genuinely sporty car. The direction of the company has fostered efficiency and technology, and its lineup has reflected that in quality models like the Civic, Accord, and Odyssey. Though sales are strong among these classes, it seems Honda may pursue those spirited drivers who prefer […]

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Honda Introduces the MC Fill for Fast Fuel

As with most things in life, preparation is the key. That is part of why Honda recently opened a fast-fueling hydrogen station in Torrance, California. The Japanese automaker will soon introduce its 2015 FCEV (full cell-electric vehicle), which boasts a range of 300 miles per charge. Titled the MC Fill, the new station can refill […]

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Destination: Safety

Convenient distractions… Our lives are oversaturated with convenient distractions that technological innovation supplies. Whether they are devices or software programs, we engage ourselves in a multitude of environments with texts, social media, videos, and other entertainment. Some of what we have at our fingertips is intended to make life easier, but they pose an inherent […]

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