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Missed Sparkcon? Shame on You!

Fact: We seek ways to feel proud about the cities in which our families and friends live. Whether our fellow urbanites celebrate local sports teams, cultural districts, festivals, et cetera, there exists some championed qualities that cultivate an identity. A metropolis like New York City or Chicago already has an identity based upon its rich […]

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HondaJet Program Enters Exciting New Phase

In late May, we published a story about Honda’s years-long venture to commercialize business jet manufacturing. At the time our team wrote the blog, Honda began ground testing with the Federal Aviation Administration and maintained aspirations to be in the air by late summer. It seems that the Japanese automaker, always surpassing expectations, accomplished its […]

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Honda Set to Produce the High-Tech HondaJet

When the name “Honda” comes to mind, it probably results in one of three things: (1) you think of its reliable and safe lineup of vehicles that ranges from the Civic to the Odyssey; (2) your mind rockets to images of the company’s sleek motorcycle brand; (3) you recall President Obama playing soccer with Asimo, […]

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