The Outstanding Car Buying Experience

Our team at Leith Honda Aberdeen always puts forth a collective effort to build and maintain great relationships with customers. From the car lot to financing, we make every attempt to build stellar rapport through understanding what you want and knowing our product. What distinguishes Leith Honda Aberdeen is our continued service and support long after we hand you the keys. This commitment to you is not merely an obligation; the commitment is an inherent desire to excel, which is deeply embedded in our company’s culture.

It’s the Honda way.

A few days ago, we received notification of a DealerRater review – found here in full. We would like to share some of the highlights with you (definitely not bragging).

“Throughout the entire process, [our sales advisor] did not make us feel pressured and was extremely accommodating.”

We have heard the horror stories. We know what lurks in the dark corners of some dealerships. At Leith Honda Aberdeen, our team has no golems. Pressure and tactics are two archaic sales characteristics that we don’t allow in our dealership. The process of buying a vehicle is enough pressure itself. Safety ratings, MSRP, gas mileage, dealership reputation, and many other facets can overwhelm a consumer. The purpose of a dealership and a sales advisor is not to coerce you into buying – it’s to facilitate your understanding of the vehicle’s benefits.

“I told our sales advisor it would be two weeks before I could get to the dealership to pick up the vehicle. He was thoughtful enough to deliver the vehicle to me. He had the vehicle waxed and filled with gas.”

Wait. Doesn’t everybody do that?

“We are so appreciative of his thoughtfulness and could not be happier with our experience with Leith Honda Aberdeen. Our previous experiences purchasing new vehicles have not been great, but our experience with Leith Honda, and our sales advisor in particular, has shown us that the experience can be outstanding.”

Our customers could not be happier with the experience at our dealership, and we could not be happier with such flattering compliments! This is exactly the review we expect every member of our team to earn through being genuine, honest, and helpful.

Don’t rely on a review to show you how we operate. Come down to Leith Honda Aberdeen and enjoy an outstanding experience!

As always, the family at Leith Cars encourages you to..

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