Honda Considers Two-Motor System for Next Generation of Civic Hybrids

In an endless pursuit of improvement, Honda remains undecided over the fate of the powertrain for the next generation of Civic Hybrids. Though the model currently has a new and vastly improved single-motor engine, the Japanese automaker is considering a less costly double-motor engine – similar to what you’ll find in the 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid. The engineers began to discuss a switch to building the two-motor systems in order to satisfy American desire for greater power and fuel efficiency.

Honda’s primary focus for the Civic Hybrid remains on drivability and efficiency. The two-motor system affords greater durations of electric-only driving, which increases fuel economy; it also generates more powerful acceleration. While there is no tentative date set for a re-engineered hybrid, Hiromitsu Ishibashi, chief engineer for the one-motor system, believes that the company will likely decide to install two motors.

Regardless of Honda’s choice, the one-motor system will still bring gains. Improvements over the outgoing system are myriad, and the single engine coupled with greater power output from a new lithium ion battery will certainly impress consumers.

Starting in November, Honda intends to replace all step-geared automatic transmission with CVTs (Continuously Variable Transmission) in all Civics.

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