2015 Honda Fit’s Elaborate Entrance into 2014 NAIAS

Not only has the 2015 Honda Fit been given multiple accolades, it also gets to lay claim for the most elaborate unveiling at the 2014 North American International Auto Show. Two conveyor belts, three days of rehearsing, five actors, four cars, executives, teleprompters, video screens, audio support, and a production team all worked synergistically for this introduction.

Robyn Eagles, Honda’s spokeswoman, said the Japanese automaker “wanted to unveil the all-new 2015 Honda Fit in a way that tells the story of the car: youthful, innovative, exciting, and fun-to-drive with incredible packaging.” They accomplished just that. While each car was primarily stationary, the actors and colorful backgrounds created a great story regarding the car’s vitality – and even hinting at its improved spaciousness despite being an inch shorter than the current version.

The idea of using conveyor belts came from Sydney creative group Spinifex. Here’s a video posted by the Detroit Free Press of the entrance:

We posted about the Fit’s 2014 NAIAS recognition from Car and Driver, which can be found here.

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