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It’s Time to Get (a) Fit with the Honda Fit Challenge

The automotive industry has a well-established reputation for innovative marketing campaigns. Like a group of adolescent boys trying to impress the lead cheerleader, brands compete to engage consumers for the dual purpose of entertaining and informing. Some of these marketing efforts gain traction among their targeted audiences – others are not quite so fortunate. Honda […]

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Enjoy the New Honda Satire, “The Fit Kit”

Honda followed up its #hugs commercial starring Bruce Willis with an April Fool’s ad that easily rivals it. It was “Honda Hair” advertisement that the Japanese automaker posted online last year for April Fool’s Day. This year, you can relish Honda’s satirical look at do-it-yourself hipsters – moustached, skinny-jeaned, and all. The “Fit Kit” features […]

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2015 Honda Fit’s Elaborate Entrance into 2014 NAIAS

Not only has the 2015 Honda Fit been given multiple accolades, it also gets to lay claim for the most elaborate unveiling at the 2014 North American International Auto Show. Two conveyor belts, three days of rehearsing, five actors, four cars, executives, teleprompters, video screens, audio support, and a production team all worked synergistically for […]

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