Delivering the Future: Honda Joins V2G Project

Progress is the product of innovation. It challenges the established order and inspires young minds. One of the most important facets of the automotive industry is the research placed into developing innovative means of fueling our transportation. Whether the technology is organically-based or finds its power from electrical sources, the world seeks new ways to avoid exhausting the finite natural resources upon which it has become so dependent.

Honda is one of the companies that champions innovation.

We at Leith Honda Aberdeen are proud to announce that Honda headquarters has joined an experimental vehicle-to-grid technology project. This venture aims to provide an efficient energy storage resource for a nation’s electrical grid to provide cost-savings for owners of plug-in electric vehicles. The project will utilize research conducted by the University of Delaware, now supported by NRG Energy; the vehicle-to-grid research delves into controls, regulatory requirements, and market participation to sell energy storage.

What is Honda’s role?

While other manufacturers blitz the airwaves with millions spent for advertisements, Honda invests in our future.

The automaker has provided an Accord Plug-In Hybrid and will partner with the study to discover the potential benefit this technology may have for the electrical grid, car owners, and society at large. A portion of the study monitors and adjusts the grid to determine if greater stability of the power grid is possible, reducing utility costs for charging electrical vehicles.

The entire article can be found here for your perusal.

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