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5 Tips on Protecting your Car from Messy Pets

The summer months are rolling in, and while many of you may still be waking up from your winter hibernation, your furriest companions are itching to get out of the house. All winter they’re waiting for that spring air to waft in, dreaming of parks, mountain trails, and drinking from foreign water sources. You’re just as […]

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Photos: The Civic Type R Has 310 Horses

In the past, certain people believed that dancing could cause rain. Today we know better. That’s silly, we say, because busting a move has literally nothing to do with meteorology. We’d never think of doing it. And yet here we are to write about the Honda Civic Type R. As the photos show, this car […]

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We Imagined If March Madness Teams Were Movies

March Madness, the frenzied tournament to find the best in college basketball, has begun. If you’re into college basketball there’s a good chance that you filled out one or more brackets with friends, family, coworkers, or even strangers. But if you’re not into college basketball, you might feel a little left out from all the […]

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