2015 Honda Fit: The Fittest of the Fit

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Yesterday, we posted a blog regarding Honda’s three wins for the best advertisements of 2013. Well, let’s talk about how Car and Driver selected the 2015 Honda Fit as one of seven vehicles they cannot wait to drive – and suggested that you will feel the same way. In its third generation, the Fit already established a strong lineage of award winners; however, the staff at Car and Driver is confident that Honda now sired the fittest of the Fit.

The 13 extra horsepower and an improved structural base give the 2015 Fit an extra punch on the road. Front strut and rear trailing arm hardware, new rear dampers, and minor changes in aerodynamics optimize the Fit’s greatest strength: best-in-class agility and steering response.

Photo: Car and Driver

Photo: Car and Driver

Oh, did we mention the vastly improved  gas mileage rating? Now we did, so check it out.

On the inside, Honda kept with the Magic Seat, a rear seating arrangement that can be configured four different ways to maximize space. Going camping? No problem. Just bought some large exercise equipment? We’ve got you. If the task can be accomplished with a crossover or SUV, Honda seems fairly confident the 2015 Honda Fit can do the job.

So what makes this iteration of the Fit better than its predecessors?

There are creature comforts (some optional) about which to boast:

  • Wide-angle mirrors
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Leather trim
  • HondaLink
  • Heated front seats
  • Sunroof
  • Push-button start
  • Lane-departure warning

The 2015 Honda Fit will reach showroom floors in late spring, and you can expect more details as that date approaches.

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